一.The completion of acceptance and "O" of the new tunnel km data record

According to industry standards, before the completion of the project acceptance, need to detect surface defects and clearance of tunnel lining, detection of the content should include: the crack of concrete, surface defect, internal facilities installation quality and clearance measurement. Tunnel through the holographic imaging scanning technology can be fast, accurate and comprehensive information obtained above, the formation of the completion acceptance report has the guidance significance to the maintenance operation, future. In addition, if can establish the initial tunnel surface state of real image files, for later analysis of tunnel disease evolution, origin traceability disease, development of effective maintenance strategy has a positive and far-reaching significance.

二.Detection and state of the tunnel surface damage evaluation

Tunnel built in continuous deterioration after operation of road network, such as not timely discovery and condition assessment and treatment, can cause serious consequences. Detection by tunnel holographic imaging scanning technology can quickly generate standard digital image files, rapid data collection in the field, the engineer can damage interpretation in the office, not only can direct calibration position and size of disease in the digital images can be stored in the database, so that later data processing and evaluation.

三.Digital tunnel management

With the development of information technology, the paperless design and file management concept has win support among the people, the digital management system of tunnel will become a part of tunnel information management system. After the establishment of digital model of the tunnel, not only convenient for the tunnel related information, edit, query and statistical classification of basic management work, also can be directly compared to the same tunnel at different times of the status, analysis of tunnel deterioration process.

Tunnel holographic imaging scanning technology can solve several problems as follows laser scanning on the surface of tunnel diseases such as holographic imaging, water seepage, cracks, spalling, statistical tunnel Road surface disease data and evaluate the tunnel disease.

2.Statistics on the tunnel lighting facilities, jet fan, cable, cable support, camera and smoke density tester, as Provide the basis for tunnel asset management.

3.detection of tunnel section (the main interpretation, both sides of the tunnel arch arch line, 1.5 meters position five points) has no mutation and Local deformation overrun phenomena, to quantitatively evaluate the overall deformation of tunnel. laser scanning can be used to detect the tunnel surface roughness scanning on metro tunnel calculation ellipticity, provide the scheme for maintenance (suitable for city track traffic Testing.

6.the shield method tunnel, the tunnel convergence deformation analysis, stress calculation of tunnel

7.regular check on tunnel, based on the multiple check data comparison, development and change of the master and the deformation of the disease, The detection is more important. carrying the radar detection technology can detect deeper within the tunnel, and the surface scanning radar detection data can be Merge scan data processing result, issued by the whole tunnel "slice" and the evaluation report.