Beijing Anfa Billiton Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company committed to a dynamic holographic detection of tunnel. Our company cited detection of foreign advanced technology, aiming at the defects in tunnel, tunnel section and bounding surface disease, lining, segment of the holographic diagnosis. And formed a set of scientific testing means combined with the actual situation of independent research and development China. For example, the R & D of scanning vector production, to improve the analysis software, the cross section of the new processing software etc.. At the same time, well-known research institutions, our company and domestic tunnel field and well-known experts in cooperation, aiming at the characteristics of Chinese tunnel was proposed to improve the professional requirements and testing technology. Detection technology of our company has a leading position in the world, is the first in the Chinese. Applications involving highway, subway, High-speed Rail, water etc..

"The real data and the most professional advice" is always the goal of our company, "professional, efficient, innovative, truth-seeking" is our company's tenet.